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Information Technology Management

After studying my BS in Mathematics (in Tehran University, Faculty of Science), I attended MS in Mathematics as well here in Iran, but after one year, I leaved the university cause the way teachers were teaching was not attractive for me; lack of expertise in the fields they were teaching also I was willing to give my thesis on special kind of Modeling systems which I couldn’t go through that in the university I was studying with (Iran Elm va San’at).

Now, after a while, I have recently attended a course of Information Technology Management in Iran Industrial Management Institute which is the most expert institute in MBA, EMBA and IT Management courses.

I guess the most interested part in management would be System Thinking, specially based on Chaos and Complexity Theories which are the main concerns in companies right now.

You may find more about the professor teaching us the System Approach, Mr. Bijan Khoram, within the following link:

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